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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Recruiting a new Head, part 3

A few days after the assessment centre day, one of the trainer / assessors came to provide feedback on the candidates. In fact we had sent only two people to the assessment day (as would have been apparent to them if they spoke to each other).

The feedback was very interesting - quite detailed, but all verbal. We were told how each candidate had performed in the tasks, particularly their "critical interview", in which they were pushed to draw on experience, so it would have been very hard to revise for this or to fake it in any way.

One candidate had extremely good feedback in all areas, so we decided to take her forward to interview, which would be held in a week's time.

We agreed on the questions we would ask, to be typed up and assigned to panel members on the day. We also decided on the activities we would ask the candidate to undertake - which were a question and answer session from a panel of children of all ages on the issues which concerned them most (to be viewed by a couple of the panel) and an unseen presentation (to be heard by all of the panel), followed by the interview itself.

Lunch was booked, and it looked sure to be a long day...

Although we only had one candidate going forward to interview, I was very clear that we still had to decide if she was good enough, and appropriate for, our school. We could still opt not to appoint anyone, and recruit again... we still had to take the interview day very seriously.

There's not a lot else I can say - the rest would be confidential as it relates to the candidate and our discussions and not the process in general - but suffice to say she acquitted herself very well. We voted to appoint her, and she accepted.

It is the current Head's leaving party today. The new Head starts in September. Here's hoping she is just what our school needs, and works well with staff, children, parents and governors alike!


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